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Year: 1997
Country: United States
Run Time: 81 minutes

Wearing its puny budget proudly like a tribal scar, LITTLE SHOTS OF HAPPINESS won't let you look away. Fran, wed five years to a drunken psychotic of a husband, occupies a cubicle and telephone at a dreary Boston collection agency. "This job is a freak magnet, " she narrates, "which scares me, because of all the people, I've worked here the longest." One morning after a beating she packs her sexiest dresses in a suitcase. After work, she changes clothes in the employee lavatory. Fran starts spending nights in different bars, different clubs, with different men. Same drinks. Soon all is a foggy haze as Fran (or is her name Natasha now? Casey?) staggers through another blank day, on the road to oblivion. But even if her life is an out-of-control vehicle, heading for the rocks, train wreck ahead aaaargh! she can take some satisfaction in this: other folks she meets are a lot worse off than she is. Enjoy. Not since Susan Seidelman's "Smithereens" made a noise like breaking glass on the indie film scene has there been a heroine as defiant or a movie as grimly funny as this one.

Todd Verow, James Dwyer

Todd Verow

Todd Verow, Lisa Correia

Todd Verow

Jarod Dubrino

Principal Cast
Bonnie Dickenson, Leanne Whitney, William Dwyer, Eric Sapp, Maureen Picard, Eric Roemele

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