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Year: 1997
Country: Senegal/France
Run Time: 90 minutes

Primary Colors come in all colors, splashed across the screen in this canvas of the chicanery - personal and political - that afflicts modern Africa. Tableau Ferraille (which can be translated as "garbage heap") is a ramshackle coastal community where reising politician Daam becomes Minister for Development. Vigorous, youthful and popular, Daam has taken regally beautiful villager Gagnesiri as his wife (typically, the lady has very little choice in the matter), but loses considerable face when she can't conceive a child. No problem; in this tribal culture it's okay for the husband to marry an additional woman for breeding purposes. As Daam weds his second spouse he earnestly promises Gagnesiri she'll always be foremost in his heart. But an influential sweatshop-factory owner, grandiosely known as "President," sees his chance and exploit's Daam's awkward domestic situation to fill his own pockets, in a case of graft right out of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Realistic, yet enhanced with native pageantry, ritual and song, TABLEAU FERRAILLE gives new meaning to the notion of a "First Wives Club." (In French and Wolof with English subtitles)

Moussa Sene Absa

Moussa Sene Absa

Alain Rozanes, Pascal Verroust, Jacques Debs

Bertrand Chatry, Makhete Diallo, Jean Diouf, Murielle Coudin

Pacale Chavance, Caroline Coudin, Virginie Descure

Principal Cast
Ismael Lo, Ndeye Falou Nadaw, Ndeye Dineta Diop, Therno Ndiaye

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