Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

(Le Mani forti)

Year: 1997
Country: Italy
Run Time: 92 minutes

Contrary to current lore, the US does not have the lead in conspiracies and mad bombers. Italy, for one, is where scandal-stained governments topple regularly, terrorism strikes without warning and the notorious Mafia is but a measure by which state secret services and covert operations set their own ruthless codes of silence. Milan, 1985: An explosion in a public square claims numerous lives, including the sister of Claudia Martinelli. Shattered, Claudia studies to be a psychoanalyst, to help others cope with their pain. Years later, one of her first patients is a press correspondent, overwhelmed with guilt over the Bosnian carnage he beheld. Yet his description of casualties - bombing in a public square - sounds startlingly similar to the unsolved Milan outrage. The press agency denies any knowledge of the man, who visits for further therapy sessions which only compound Claudia's suspicions. Is this a demented liar? The elusive murderer, making his confession? Or something worse? The answer plunges Claudia into an underworld of informants, assassins and accusers. In the tradition of "Z" comes a live-wire political thriller and emotional minefield, activated and primed to detonate in seven . . . six . . . five . . . four . . . (In Italian with English subtitles)

Franco Bernini, Maura Nuccetelli

Franco Bernini

Domenico Procacci

Paolo Camera

Esmeralda Calabria

Principal Cast
Francesca Neri, Claudio Amendola, Enzo Decaro, Toni Bertorelli, Massimo De Francovich

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