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Year: 1997
Country: Denmark/England/Germany
Run Time: 107 minutes

Alex's favorite book is "Robinson Crusoe," and in his imagination the 11-year-old boy lives the adventures of literature's most famous castaway, fighting storms, high seas, and cannibals. But in reality, Alex faces a worse evil than Crusoe ever did. For this is not the tropics but Nazi-occupied Poland, and Alex is a Jewish inmate of the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust. Bit by bit, the invaders have shipped away the old, the infirm, the women - and finally the children - to the concentration camps. As thousands are lined up for the waiting cattle-cars, Alex dashes past startled German stormtroopers, taking shelter in a pre-arranged hiding place in the ruins on Bird Street. There, with only a pet mouse for companionship, Alex must survive constant peril from enemy soldiers, looters, informers, even his fellow refugees. Every day brings new dangers (and some unexpected allies), but Alex remains confident that if he can hold out on his "island," his father will somehow come back for him. Supremely suspenseful (and based on fact), THE ISLAND ON BIRD STREET is an all-ages thriller in which one child's determination shines through modern history's darkest hour. In English.

John Goldsmith, Tony Grisoni (based on the novel by Uri Orlev)

Soren Kragh-Jackobsen

Rudy Cohen, Tivi Magnusson

Ian Wilson

David Martin

Principal Cast
Jordan Kiziuk, Patrick Bergin, Jack Warden, James Bolam, Simon Gregor

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