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Year: 1997
Country: United States
Run Time: 95 minutes

THE JOURNEY is a warm and loving film about a family. As in all families, the members of this one are challenged to accept and love each other, as well as address their own unique issues. Grandpa, Kishan Singh, a recently widowed school headmaster, comes from India to visit his son's family in America. His son Raj and daughter-in-law Laura have a daughter, Jenny, who immediately responds to her grandfather's compassionate and vital nature. Kishan's male chauvinism and peculiar Old World habits cause tension in the family, particularly with Laura, who is both irritated by his perceived lack of respect for her and inspired by his passionate love of life. Eventually, Kishan's poetic soul draws everyone closer together. First-time director and writer Harish Saluja has managed to land two of the most distinguished Indian actors living and working outside India, Roshan Seth and Saeed Jaffrey, to play old friends reuninited in a new culture. In THE JOURNEY, Saluja uses his own experiences in life to honestly examine cross-generational, cross-cultural and cross-gender issues we all must deal with in order to form and strengthen our ever-expanding family ties. -Seattle Film Festival

Harish Saluja, Lisa Kirk Puchner

Harish Saluja

Harish Saluja

John Rice

Tom Dubensky

Principal Cast
Roshan Seth, Saeed Jaffrey, Carrie Preston, Antony Zaki, Betsy Zajko, Nora Bates

Film Contact
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