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(Witman Fiuk)

Year: 1997
Country: Hungary
Run Time: 89 minutes

At what point does youthful innocence yield to malice and corruption? With sinister elegance and graceful dread, THE WITMAN BOYS explores the roots of all evil taking hold of two adolescent brothers in 1913. Janos and Erno Witman grew up in a wealthy, privileged home, filled with holy worship but seemingly devoid of emotion. When their father dies, something changes, and the two boys grow obsessed with elements of death and morbidity. Janos takes the lead in the ritualist capture, interrogation and killing of animals. Meanwhile sensitive Emo still prays - albeit to the goddess MInerva - and fancies a tender first love with a household servant girl. Janos, typically, is slightly ahead of his brother; having abandoned all fear of punishment on heaven or earth, he becomes a regular at the town brothel. There, both Witman boys find pleasures that, even Janos must admit, "make life worth living." But only at a horrific cost. THE WITMAN BOYS confronts the unspeakable in the human soul and presents its well-matched lead characters with grim understanding and awful logic. (In Magyar with English subtitles)

Janos Szasz (based on the novel by Geza Csath)

Janos Szasz

Ferenc Kardos, Ferenc Tovalvy, Jaced Moezydlowsky, Jean Paul DeKiss, Gyorgy Morosi, Eva Schulze

Tibor Math

Anna Vagokomis

Principal Cast
Alpar Fogarasi, Szaboles Gergely, Maia Morgenstern, Juli Sandor

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