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Year: 1997
Country: Czech Republic
Run Time: 102 minutes

You must see Petr Zelenka's singular dark comedy for yourself to truly appreciate what a cinematic Rubik's Cube has been constructed here. Six separate-but-interlaced narratives unfold; one on August 6, 1945, as American pilots prepare to drop the world's first atomic bomb on Japan, and five on August 6, 1995, around Prague, as an M.C. Escheresque network of coincidence and fate materializes before your eyes. Particles in orbit around the plot nucleus include a taxi driven by a TV makeup artist hosting a succession of strange fares - some going across town, others across time. A lifelong loser with an unusual talent contemplates a Guinness Book of World Records mission to rocket four million sperm samples into outer space. A fastidious psychologist triggers a tragedy via his own mania for hygiene. The joy of swearing is discovered and explored. Future in-laws unmask a private perversion, alluded to in the title. A cult hit in Eastern Europe, BUTTONERS uses synchronicity as the thread, 20th-century history as the fabric, and conscience as the weave for a wildly original feature. (In Czech and Japanese with English subtitles)

Petr Zelenka

Petr Zelenka

Cestmir Kopecky

Miro G?bor

David Charap

Principal Cast
David Charap, Richard Toth, Frantisek Cern?, Pavek Lagner, J?r? Kodet, Borivoj Navr?til, Rudolf Hrunsinsk?, Eva Holubov?, Vladimir Dlouh?, Marek Najbert

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