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Year: 1999
Country: United States
Run Time: 87 minutes

Submitted for your approval: docu-filmmaker Randy arrives in Chicago to cover a political convention but rapidly loses interest. Instead his hungry lens locks on a talkative young woman in a bar: a woman like none other; a woman who fascinates him; a woman of singular manners and appearance. A woman who boasts of being able to woo any man off his feet. In essence, the most ridiculously pathetic woman of all time. Look! There's a sign up ahead . . . You've just entered the Heather Green Zone. Not just funny, but shamefully, sadistically funny, CHI GIRL is a black-and-white dark comedy that takes teh viewer on a Windy City regatta of leaking self-esteem and relationshipwrecks. CHI GIRL is told in the first-person as unseen Randy trails after poor, homely, undateably clueless alt-weekly newspaper columnist Heather, all with a predatory glee that can only mean one thing. Part "Man Bites Dog," part "Love Connection," Heidi Van Lier's no-budget wonder rocked the 1999 Slamdance Film Festival and presents the most unforgettable heroine you've ever wanted to touch with a ten-foo pole.

Heidi Van Lier

Heidi Van Lier

Heidi Van Lier

Anders Uhl

Paul Gordon

Principal Cast
Heidi Van Lier, Scott Benjaminson, Alicia Hyde, Phil Smith, Sarah Willis. Narrator: Joe Kraemer.

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