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Year: 1999
Country: United States
Run Time: 93 minutes

Guytalk. The most horrifying word in the English language for indie film fans. It's come to denote the same old same old: 90 minutes of well-groomed collegiate males, generally a bunch of white guys sittin' around gripin' about their video-store jobs, dumb girlfriends, '70s TV shows, Marvel Comics heroes and the "Frampton Comes Alive" album. O my brothers, here's Gen-Xcellent CHILLICOTHE to make up for it all. Kevin, Shayne, Wade, and Johnny are four twentsyomething pals still loitering by the campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, long after graduation, dabbling in music, painting, filmmaking, and, in Shayne's cases, stalking. Pretty girls seem all over the place. Johnny even married one. But for the remaining chums, telemarketers are the only females who ever call. At Sundance, CHILLICOTHE's strength was said to lie in the strong "ensemble performances that convey the feeling that these actors truly are these characters." Edwards recruited his own brother to play the same role on screen. With its hip, hilarious dialogue and camerawork that makes every single shot count, debut features don't come any better than Todd Edward's guytalk on the wild side.

Todd Edwards

Todd Edwards

Preston Stutzman, Cory Edwards

Brett Reynolds

Todd Edwards

Principal Cast
Todd Edwards, Cory Edwards, Brad Knull, Peter Bedgood, Katie Hooten, Jenny Labow

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