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Year: 1998
Country: Canada
Run Time: 87 minutes

"It's over. He can't take another millennium," the Virgin Mary wearily kvetches after materializing before an awestruck Pope. It's November 1999, and a reinterpretation of Scripture pinpoints the site of the Apocalypse as humble Newfoundland. As pilgrims and weirdoes swarm the streets to await the End, struggling TV talk-show host Marietta watches her ratings ascend when she passes off a mysterious stranger as a bona fide false prophet. The problem is that the faux false prophet is really a real Prophet. It's a bewildered John the Baptist, made flesh again after 2,000 years and sent to the Newfoundland city that bears his name to uncover a sign of hope for mankind in seven days - or else. But even though he finds a welcome with Marietta (and her mildly Unabomber-esque husband), the saint's divine duty is sidetracked by cell phones, sexuality, and mindless media worship. And time is running out. Blessed with a devoutly irreverent sense of humor and inimitably Canadian self-mockery, the good-natured spirit behind this comedic miracle comes as a major Revelation no matter what your faith. (A bit of Latin with English subtitles)

John W. Doyle

John W. Doyle

Jennice Ripley, Paul Pope

Brian Hebb

Lara Mazur

Principal Cast
Raoul Bhaneja, Mary Walsh, Andy Jones, Jordan Canning, Rick Boland, Bryan Hennessy

Film Contact
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