Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

(Mizo no naka no hachigatsu)

Year: 1998
Country: Japan
Run Time: 90 minutes

A refined psychological portrait of youth on the way to maturity, FISHES IN AUGUST intelligently charts the vulnerable quest of young people who are confronted with new and unknown feelings and first pose questions about issues such as love and friendship, loyalty and betrayal. Kenji is a secondary-school pupil, member of the school swimming team, and in love with his classmate, Reiko. It looks as if he doesn't have a chane when Reiko tells him she has a soft spot for Arai, the star of the swimming team. Reiko asks Kenji to arrange something with his rival and Kenji agrees, despite his own feelings. But Arai understands Kenji's desires and tries in turn to mediate between Kenji and Reiko. In the meantime, Kenji is kicked off the team during the preliminary rounds of the championship because he doesn't have the right competitive mentality. When he is on his way for a date with Reiko and meets her with Arai, his fighting spirit is ignited and a decisive confrontation ensues. (In Japanese with English subtitles) - Rotterdam International Film Festival

Masato Kato (based on the novel by Natuso Sekikawa)

Yoichiro Takahashi

NHK Asin Film Festival Office

Fumio Kodaka

Kioyoko Misushima

Principal Cast
Kenji Mizuhashi, Ayumi Ito, Ren Osugi, Moro Morooka, Yoshiki Sekimo

Film Contact
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