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Year: 1998
Country: United States
Run Time: 69 minutes

The young man learns that his father has died mysteriously and finds his newly widowed mother marrying the dead man's borther. Torn by emotions of hurt and vengeance towards the usurper uncle, the prince ponders what To Be or Not To Be. The answer: a hitchhiker. No, this isn't "Hamlet." FISHING WITH GANDHI is a hilarious no-budget feature written by the brothers Reichmuth, twins who play the onscreen clodhoppers siblings Gil and Roy. Human speedbumps on the road to nowhere, the rustic pair give the melancholy Danno a ride from mom's Oregon wedding back to San Francisco in a red Toyota pickup that overheats every 18 miles or so. Thus inconvenienced, Gil an Roy are obliged to stop at intervals and try to pass the time, chewing on corn dawgs and striving to cheer Danno up with semi-coherent debates on issues most dear to them, like 50-foot restraining orders, brain damage, puppy germs, wrestling holds, and whether Danno's family is now an example of "infest." Danno, bit by bit, grows fond of his talkative hosts. And are they any worse than his handful of trendy California friends, whose attempt to hold a welcome-back potluck party for him is at that very moment degenerating into mass-trauma? Stick around through the closing credits or you won't learn what the title really means.

John Reichmuth, James Reichmuth

Gabe Weisert

Gabe Weisert

Matthew Uhry

Zachary Bennett

Principal Cast
Dan Klein, John Reichmuth, James Reichmuth, Gabe Weisert, William Birdthistle, Christina Milano, Dan Hunt

Film Contact
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