Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square


Year: 1998
Country: United States
Run Time: 103 minutes

A writer/educator's girlfriend perishes in a traffic accident. He preserves her newspaper obituaries by posting them on his internet homepage. A woman at a popular webzine has a passionate affair with a co-worker and describes it on her home page - where her husband, maintaining the system, is sure certain to read the entries. A college co-ed decides to "retreat to the virtual world. It's much easier to deal with than the real one." All just a mouse-click away in Doug Block's first-person monitor of the online generation's obsession with 'personal home pages,' sites on the World Wide Web accessible to all, where anyone can be a cyberstar. Scanning denizens of this new digital communiy, Block's viewfinder centers on Justin Hall, a crazily cowlicked college student who proclaims himself "the physical embodiment of the Internet," and electronically bares every aspect of his life and thought - to the embarrassment of more than a few close cohorts. Is this the next iteration of society, to a tier where e-mail, chat rooms, and custom-designed avatars replace phyhsical presence? Block himself boots up with his own personal home page and is surprised by its effect on him and his family. Newbies and netheads alike will want to bookmark HOME PAGE as the CIFF's kewlest link.

Doug Block, Deborah Rosenberg

Doug Block

Doug Block, Jane Weiner, Esther Robinson

Doug Block

Deborah Rosenberg

Principal Cast
Justin Hall, Howard Rheingold, Julie Peterson, Carl Steadman, Stefanie Symar

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