Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square


Year: 1999
Country: United States
Run Time: 105 minutes

Never mind the cowboys, where have all the pirates gone? It seems our Family Film Festival is the only latitude and longitude where one can still chart yarns of buccaneers, sea chests dripping doubloons, and high adventure for small fry with treasures like "George's Island" (14th CIFF, 1990) and "What the Moon Saw" (15th Ciff, 1991). The lingering legend of Captain Kidd's lost fortune along the Eastern seacoast fills the sails of MYSTIC NIGHTS & PIRATE FIGHTS, set in modern-day Mystic, Connecticut and starring a delightful pair of young heroes. Jonah Johnson is the tech-savvy son of a U.S. Navy submarine commander. Schooner Berg is the taciturn boy of a traditional New England fisherman, whose net fouls up on an eerie water hazard: fragments of the last Nazi U-boat of WWII. Snooping amidst the debris, the two friends make and even more incredible discovery, clues that point the way to pirate gold that's been sought for 300 years. Secret agents, strange ciphers, scurvy villians, weird weapons, and stacks of skeletons lay along hte path to the "X" in this well-rigged, timber-shivering tale.

Douglas Lively

Douglas Lively

John Warn, Bailey Pryor

Philip Holahan

Alec Asten, Brian Varaday

Principal Cast
Chris Kaufman, Mark Samburg, Shauna-Beth Mandelburg, Jim Chiros, Guil Fisher, Shavonne Conroy, Jerry Kokich.

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