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Year: 1998
Country: USA
Run Time: 98 minutes

Micki Silva reluctantly leaves behind her cosmopolitan community in Washington, D.C. (and, not so reluctantly, her latest ex-lover) to move to Cape May, New Jersey to take care of her ailing Uncle Charlie while the beach-resort community lulls in the doldrums of the off-season. For hip, citified Micki, this means putting her photography career and pretty much everything else on hold as she faces the unenviable task of learning how to cook and clean for the demanding, dying invalid. For solace Micki turns to a local diner named Zoe's and there she meets Roberta - Uncle Charlie's best friend. Even though Micki's hard-shelled exterior and attitude seem only to put Roberta's guard up, the task of caring for Uncle Charlie brings the two women together again and again. It seems more than coincidence. Fate? Kismet? Or could the old man actually be playing matchmaker from his sickbed? Made on a shoestring budget, with a fortune in sincerity, Jeanette L. Buck's feature debut is a sensitive and perceptive drama for commitaphobes everywhere, all year round.

Kim McNabb

Jeanette L. Buck

Jeanette L. Buck, Kim McNabb

Ed Talavera

Sharon Teo

Principal Cast
Carol Monda, Joy Kelly, Dennis Fecteau, Nancy Daly, Rusty Clauss

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