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Year: 1998
Country: USA
Run Time: 97 minutes

Youngstown, Ohio, is the setting for this whacked-out coming of age story about a mother-smothered youngster who becomes a major player in the local Jewish Mafia. Eighteen-year-old Harry lives with his housebound and utterly overprotective mother, Kate (Blondie's Deborah Harry). On the brink of manhood, Harry spends his time flipping burgers and hanging out with his best friend Arnie, who one day leads Harry to a sleazy strip club on a mission to pick up shakedown money. When Hary is driven to attack the club owner, he worries that the head of the crime family won't appreciate this act, but in fact, the boss finds in Harry just the type of aggression they have been looking for in a new hitman. This new career seems to fit Harry's sexually confused, rage-prone, mama's-boy disposition to a tee; but falling for the boss's captivating one-legged maid is not going to sit well with his mom, who is absolutely not ready or willing to cut the apron strings. - Seattle International Film Festival

Adam Bernstein, Marc Gerald (based on the book "Portrait of a Young Man Drowning" by Charles Perry)

Adam Bernstein

Adam Bernstein, David Collins, Michael Naughton

John Inwood

Doug Abel

Principal Cast
Norman Reedus, Deborah Harry, Peter Appel, Elina Lowensohn

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