Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

(El D?a que mur? el silencio)

Year: 1998
Country: Bolivia
Run Time: 108 minutes

The village of Villaserena siestas peacefully somewhere in the mid-20th-century until a rascally stranger arrives. Abelardo introducees himself as a "Journalilst and entrepreneur," bringing the miracle of radio to a community not even wired for electricity and where the closest thing to mass media is local lore about how madman Ruperto has locked up his comely daughter Celeste for the sins of her runaway mother. Abelardo mounts several loudspeakers to 'broadcast' his daily gossip, alerts for lost hens, and recorded music ranging from folk melodies to Elvis and his jangling new rock'n'roll. To make money Abelardo charges fees to his loyal listeners, for song requests, for messages, and - at double the price - insults, often hurled at straying husbands and mistresses. Soon Villaserena is noisome with scandal and fights for all to hear, and even Abelardo gets dragged into the mayhem, heart first. For the reporter/DJ/con-artist has fallen in love with someone only his voice can reach - madman Ruperto's cloistered Celeste. If Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Howard Stern ever broadcasted from the same frequency, it might sound like Paolo Agazzi's earrisistible comedy. (In Spanish with English subtitles)

Guillermo Aguirre, Paolo Agazzi

Paolo Agazzi

Martin Proctor

Livio Delgado

Nelson Rodriguez

Principal Cast
Dario Grandinetti, Gustavo Angarita, Elias Serano, Maria Laura Garcia, Guillermo Granda, Blanca Morrisson

Film Contact
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