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(Sista Kontraket)

Year: 1998
Country: Sweden
Run Time: 110 minutes

In a league with "The Day of the Jackal" and "JFK," this wire-taught conspiracy thriller mingles terrible truth with scathing speculation and has thoroughly shaken audiences in its native Sweden. The year is 1985 and controversial Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme has repeatedly sided his government with the oppressed, in Vietnam, South Africa, Palestine. Now Palme goes too far, pushing to declare Scandinavia a nuclear-weapons-free zone, right next to the Soviet Bloc. In the "democratic" West, shadowy and powerful people take action. The summons goes out to a "craftsman" in Malta - an icy professional assassin with a trail of bodies behind him around the world. As the killer arrives in Sweden and begins fastidiously making plans, policeman Roger Nyman, in a secretive division of the Stockholm department, begins to suspect that something is up, an ominous covert operation that stretched from predatory hawks in the Reagan administration to neo-Nazis in Norway. And only Nyman can stop it. You may think you know the ending to this story already. But THE LAST CONTRACT is based on a mysterious "novel" of such political dynamite that it had to be published under a pseudonym, and Kjell Sundvall's white-knuckled dramatization targets complacency like a sniper's rifle. (In Swedish with English subtitles)

Mats Arehn, B?rge Hansson, John Bogaeus (based on the novel "The Ultimate Contract" by John W. Grow)

Kjell Sundvall

B?rge Hansson

Kjell Lagerroos

Darek Hodor

Principal Cast
Mikael Persbrandt, Michael Kitchen, Pernilla August, Rene Brynolfsson, Bj?rn Flogerg, Per Ragnar

Film Contact
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