Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

(El Faro)

Year: 1998
Country: Argentina/Spain
Run Time: 124 minutes

Scoff away at Hollywood's 'coincidence' of two competing volcano movies, two planetoids-menace-Earth blockbusters, two Steve Prefontaine biopics, etc. This year the CIFF harbors two separate, exquisitely bittersweet features both with the beguiling Ingrid Rubio as a romantic lead - and lighthouses prominent in a dreamlike plot. What are the odds? One is "Water Easy Reach." This is the other, a heartrending saga of sisterly devotion and misdirected passion from the creator of the international hit "Autumn Sun" (21st CIFF, 1997). A family car crash leaves only two young survivors, instant orphans. Lame, lovely Carmela (Rubio) embraces life in a high-risk whirl. With only one lung, she chain-smokes; unable to swim, she leaps into water. And her reckless affairs and infatuations similarly court disaster. Sensible little Aneta grows up alongside her headstrong elder sister and learns to cope, more or less, with 'Meme's' fierce moods and migratory quest for transcendence from her wounded body and spirit. But how will Carmela react when Aneta finds love? After THE LIGHTHOUSE, your question will be: have you got a third movie like this? (In Spanish with English subtitles)

Eduardo Mignogna

Eduardo Mignogna

Alfredo Odorisio, Ra?l J. Naya

Marcelo Camorino

Juan Carlos Macias

Principal Cast
Ingrid Rubio, Jimena Bar?n, Florencia Bertotti, Ricardo Darin, Norberto Diaz, Norma Aleandro, Mariano Martinez

Film Contact
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