Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021


Year: 1999
Country: England
Run Time: 107 minutes

When you live next door to a slaughterhouse there's bound to be some blood and nasty bits thrown into your yard, and so it is in Britain during the mid-1990s, with the inferno of Bosnia raging just a short plane ride away. Refugees from both sides pour into a London already choked with immigrants (and immigrant-haters). BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE's magnificent, "Magnolia"-like narrative structure follows numerous interlinked characters, English and non-English, upper-class to lowest, touched by the carnage. A veteran BBC cameraman loses his sanity (and wants to lose his leg) because of what he's seen. An obstetrics doctor in a marital and an emotional breakdown rediscovers his true worth by tending to a traumatized Muslim couple. A Welsh separatist shares a hospital room with Serb and a Croat, ex-neighbors bent on beating each other to death whenever the nurse turns her back. Crazy happenstance brings a skinhead hooligan and heroin-user to awaken from his stupor right smack on the battlefield itself. Without pulling any punches (but with a merciful leavening of wry humor) filmmaker Jasmin Dizdar suggests that healing is indeed possible, even after the most appalling of modern civil wars.

Jasmin Dizdar.

Jasmin Dizdar

Ben Woolford.

Barry Ackroyd.

Justin Krish.

Principal Cast
Charlotte Coleman, Danny Nussbaum, Nicholas Farrell, Edin Dzandzovic, Gilbert Martin, Julian Firth, Heather Tobias, Linda Bassett, Siobhan Redmond, Charles Kay, Roger Sloman, Radoslav Yourkov.

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