Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021


Year: 1999
Country: United States
Run Time: 85 minutes

In the tradition of "Smithereens" and "Rhythm Thief" (19th CIFF, 1995) comes an edgy, indie New York story of marginalized characters ? outlaws, idlers and street people ? going by their own codes of crime, punishment, kindness, and revenge with a narrative so straight-up, raw, and punchy that you won't soon fugedaboutit. In a virtuoso performance before and behind the cameras, John-Luke Montias plays Bobby G. (`G.' for `Grace'), a wiry small-time pusher best known for his bad luck. But no longer, he claims. "I'm going to be living large in a matter of days," he boasts to his hooker girlfriend after a trio of out-of-town yuppies asks Bobby to be their middleman in a novice cocaine deal. With nothing to back him up, and the patience of a druglord at a dangerous low, Bobby tries to pull off the transaction. If anything should go wrong, he's dead. Never mind that this antihero's not exactly the poster boy for Mayor Guiliani's newly-polished Big Apple, your palms will sweat and your mouth will go dry as something does indeed go wrong, and Bobby G. faces the toughest day of his sidewalk life.

John-Luke Montias.

John-Luke Montias

Michael Morley, Michael Pilgram, Gill Holland.

George Gibson.

Michael Pilgram.

Principal Cast
John-Luke Montias, Susan Mitchell, Vincent Vega, Andrew Rein, Michael Gray, Rick Poli.

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