Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021


Year: 2000
Country: Canada
Run Time: 95 minutes

Had enough of "Harry Potter" hype? It was 25 years ago that author Mordechai Richler published the first adventure of Jacob Two-Two, a boy who's two-plus-two-plus-two years old, and must necessarily say everything twice ? because adults never listen to him the first time. It's a perfectly reasonable way 2 handle things, but while on a simple grocery errand, Jacob Two-Two's atti-2-de gets him in trouble with authorities. Brought up before singing judge Ice-T and found guilty of everything (hey, zero tolerance, it could happen), Jacob is sentenced to two years, two months, two weeks, two days and two minutes on Slimers' Isle, the notorious all-children prison, staffed by misshapen and cruel creatures and ruled by the worst scoundrel of all, The Hooded Fang, a pro-wrestling masked villain who hates kids. But there is a reason (or two) for hope. A Power-Rangers-esque junior fighting duo devoted to overthrowing Slimers' Isle contacts Jacob, and the resourceful young hero himself figures out a chance to end the Hooded Fang's reign. The New York Times once wrote, "Everyone should go out tomorrow morning and beat his local bookseller into submission if hasn't got a nice, plump display of books titled ?Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang.?" Watch this two-riffic new musical version of Richler's tale and you'll, uh, second that.

Tim Burns (based on the storybook by Mordechai Richler).

George Bloomfield

Christina Jennings, Greg Dummett.

Gerald Packer.

Ralph Brunjes.

Principal Cast
Gary Busey, Max Morrow, Mark McKinney, Miranda Richardson, Joe Dinico, Alison Pil, Ice-T, Maury Chaikin.

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