Cleveland International Film Festival } April 7 – April 20, 2021


Year: 1999
Country: Spain
Run Time: 85 minutes

Spanish cinema gave the world "Cr?a," a 1975 Carlos Saura movie which the late, great Charles Schulz himself hailed as one of the best features to ever portray the psychology of a child. Now comes a logical successor, and (good grief!) it even happens to draw its inspiration from a popular comic strip. Manolito, your narrator, is a plucky, pudgy, rather disaster-prone boy from a noisy, proletarian family in Madrid. For the first time ever he gets a vacation away from home, mom, little brother ("the imbecile"), and school when he's taken on a trip to the seacoast, accompanied by his trucker-father eager to make up for work-related parental absences. Still, Manolito can't keep out of trouble in a very funny comedy-of-errors. MANOLITO FOUR-EYES is a grown?up look at the way a child's-eye-view (through the spectacles that give the hero his nickname) analyzes, dissects, misinterprets, and monkey-wrenches the odd ways of adults. (In Spanish with English subtitles.)

Miguel Albaladejo, Elvira Lindo (based on the comic strip by Elvira Lindo).

Miguel Albaladejo

Julio Fern?ndez.

Alfonso Sanz Aiduan.

Pablo Blanco.

Principal Cast
David S?nchez del Rey, Adriana Ozores, Roberto ?lvarez, Antonio Gamero, Marta Fern?ndez Muro.

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