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Year: 2001
Country: United States
Run Time: 98 minutes

Even cowgirls get the blues, and ? after the death of her father ? one named Shy tires of her lonesome home on the range and relocates to San Francisco, determined to sink herself into a "life of crime." There in the City by the Bay, Shy hooks up with street-savvy, androgynous Valentine for a wild tour of the Golden Gate's subcultural hot spots. Shy finds the girl of her dreams, as well as a flophouse-hotel suite to call her own, and proceeds upon a dubious moneymaking opportunity. Meanwhile Valentine continues on her own quest, an ill-advised, obsessive search for his/her long-lost birth mother. A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, this transgendered opus plays like a butch buddy "Midnight Cowboy," with an infusion of Jack Keroac and the spirit of the Beat Poets. Its pulsating mini-digital video cinematography and jazzy narrative plunge you into the San Francisco lesbian underground, a close-knit community that is alternatively rowdy and tender, outrageous and vulnerable, as its characters move fluidly through a spectrum of identities, from lipstick to butch. Co-conceived and created by the two lead actors, legends of the SF underground, BY HOOK OR BY CROOK is a brave and often hilarious exploration of human fallibility, resilience and dignity.

Harry Dodge, Silas Howard

Harry Dodge, Silas Howard

Steak House, Silas Howard, Harry Dodge

Ann T. Rossetti

Principal Cast
Silas Howard, Harry Dodge, Stanya Kahn, Carina Gia

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