Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square


Year: 2001
Country: United States
Run Time: 88 minutes

"It's too late to go back to the way life use to be, when everything was good and beautiful." Because he was sentenced to juvenile prison at age 16 for stabbing to death a Cleveland pusher in a drug-inducecd haze, Colson Unger has only been a shadow on the periphery of the placid existence of young housewife Renee, content in her red-brick home in New Russia township, Lorain County, and her marriage to Colson's responsible older brother Eric. Then Colson gets paroled after serving five years in the penitentiary in Columbus. The young convict staying with his brooding, widowed dad is apparently no option; Colson is coming to live in New Russia with the Ungers and work in Eric's construction business. Reluctantly Renee agrees to the arrangement to placate her beloved husband (meanwhile she hides all the kitchen knives). Colson ? now a haunted, quiet young man of 21 ? is given to unexplained absences, fainting spells when he tries to enter the firm's pickup truck and hooking up with questionable people and places. Renee tries her best to cope, but she also notices strange, furtive behavior on Eric's part; there's something not right about his custodial role with Colson. There are secrets about what happened five years ago, secrets and lies that won't stay buried for much longer... Shot on location in northeast Ohio, FIVE YEARS is a suspenseful drama with almost Biblical overtones of the sins of the fathers and of the brothers.

Brett Wagner

Brett Wagner

David Zellerford

Chad Davidson

Brett Wagner

Principal Cast
Kris Carr, Timothy Altmeyer, Todd Swenson, Cathy Doe, Michael Buscemi, Byron West

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