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Year: 1992
Country: Ireland/United Kingdom
Run Time: 91 minutes

Gabriel Byrne plays a father of two who has rejected the ways of his gypsy-like clan to settle down miserably in the squalor of Dublin?s tenements with his young sons. When a magnificent white horse appears one day in the apartment courtyard, the boys and horse bond instantly. The boys hope to keep their new friend in their apartment with them, but this plan fails (!) and the horse is taken from them and illegally sold to an unscrupulous breeder. Their drunken father is no help at all, so the boys attempt a search on their own. When the boys finally regain the horse and ride off into the west, their quest for freedom takes on new dimensions. Byrne rejoins his traveling friends in order to find his sons ahead of the police or the breeder?s private forces. Director Mike Newell (?Enchanted April?) and writer Jim Sheridan (?My Left Foot?) have crafted a delightful and expressive modern fable that takes us on a stirring ride, literally and figuratively, across the spectacular countryside of wild western Ireland.

Jim Sheridan

Mike Newell

Jonathan Cavendish, Tim Palmer

Tom Sigel

Peter Boyle

Principal Cast
Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, Ciaran Fitzgerald, Ruaidhri Conroy

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