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Year: 2000
Country: Sweden
Run Time: 88 minutes

The title of this ribald comedy approximates "hurry up!" in Arabic, a phrase loaded with personal meaning for two cross- cultured pals in contemporary Sweden. M?ns and Roro are best friends and public-park attendents. With plenty of fresh air, greenspace and goofing-off time, the world (or at least the duck pond) is their oyster until Roro, who is Lebanese, learns that his traditionalist family has promised him in hasty matrimony to Yasmin, an Arabic teenage girl he doesn't even know, in order to satisfy her citizenship requirements (and his grandmother?s demands that he have at least four children). The news that he has a surprise fiancee won't sit well, to say the least, with Roro's passionate girlfriend Lisa, whom he has carefully kept hidden from his relatives; instead of finally introducing her to the folks, he tells her that Yasmin is merely a cousin. Meanwhile the husky, all-Nordic M?ns has been suffering a crippling bout with impotence that makes him doubt his M?ns-hood. He and his lover Jenny are reduced to role-playing games and strange sexual apparatuses in order to revive his ardor. As the appointed wedding day approaches, Yasmin's domineering brother and a deranged dog-lover feuding with M?ns are thrown into filmmaker Josef Fares' hot and spicy Swedish meatball. (In Swedish with English subtitles)

Josef Fares

Josef Fares

Anna Anthony

Aril Wretblad

Michal Laszczylowski

Principal Cast
Fares Fares, Torkel Petersson, Laleh Pourkarim, Tuva Novotny, Jan Fares

Film Contact
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