Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

(?slenski Draumurrinn)

Year: 2000
Country: Iceland
Run Time: 92 minutes

...Or, how to succeed in business without really thinking. The main character of THE ICELANDIC DREAM is Toti, an upbeat but rather dunderheaded Icelandic man, an eternal optimist who tends to fail at everything, and for whom nothing holds as much joy as swilling beer and watching the football (soccer) matches on TV. Reduced to borrowing money from his ex-wife's mother and father for his dubious get-rich-quick schemes, Toti's latest brainstorm is importing a brand of Bulgarian cigarette that he's sure will catch fire in the shopping malls and military bases of Reykjav?k. But he knows and cares little about global trade or the practical legal arrangements for getting a vendor's license. Instead the crates of gray-market smokes pile up in his apartment; the relationships with his teenage girlfriend (portrayed by Icelandic music star Hafd?s Hild) falter; and at any moment Toti's short attention-span snaps away from his livelihood and to the standings of his favorite team. Worse, his bitter ex-wife is marrying an unctuous American, and threatens to take Toti's little daughter to the States with her. Shot close to-the-tundra on digital-video, this comedy of square pegs and round balls in the Arctic circle portrays the daily diversions and delusions of a resilient but feckless antihero. (In Icelandic with English subtitles)

R?bert I. Douglas

Robert I. Douglas

J?l?us Kemp

J?l?us Kemp

R?bert I. Douglas

Principal Cast
T?rhallur Sverrisson, J?n Gnarr, Hafd?s Huld, Matt Keeslar, Laufey Br? J?nsd?ttir

Film Contact
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