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(An Yara Ting Er)

Year: 2001
Country: China
Run Time: 84 minutes

An understated, direct tale told with overwhelming power, THE ORPHAN OF ANYANG starts with a sudden reversal of fortune for Dagong, an unemployed laborer late of a failing factory in Anyang, a city in province of Henan. Reduced to trying to trade his near-worthless company food coupons for cash, he happens to be idling at a noodle-vendor's stall when he finds a recently abandoned baby, another hopeless soul in the city even more poignant than he. But this child comes with a note promising a lavish bequest (the US equivalent of about $35) to whomever takes care of the child. With no prior experience, Dadong appoints himself instant guardian, and sure enough, has a meeting with a beautiful mystery woman, Yanli, who sets out the terms of his monthly stipend. What Dadong doesn't realize is that the baby is the illegitimate son of a gangster, Yanli an underworld prostitute-mistress. As the relationship between Dadong and Yanli deepens, a twist of fate brings the `orphan' to his father's attention, in an ironic meditation on the nature of love, heritage and family, in modern, industrialized China. (In Mandarin with English subtitles)

Wang Chao (from his novel)

Wang Chao

Fang Li, Wang Chao

Zhang Xi

Wang Chao, Wang Gang

Principal Cast
Zhu Jie, Sun Guilin, Yue Senyi

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