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Year: 1994
Country: Australia
Run Time: 100 minutes

A plumber living in Sydney with his dad, Jeff is a pretty regular guy. He knocks back pints at the pub and is looking for a permanent date. Sounds normal, almost boring, doesn?t it? But here?s the twist: Jeff is gay and father Harry accepts and encourages his son?s lifestyle with an enthusiasm that borders on meddlesome. A warm comedy of working class manners, THE SUM OF US is a rare look at tolerance. The two men irritate, cajole, and support each other with true affection. As Harry says: ?Our children are only the sum of us: our parents and their parents?all the generations.? Jeff is played with an easygoing, warm-hearted but pigheaded nonchalance by Russell Crowe. And veteran actor Jack Thompson let?s Harry?s loneliness show beneath the veneer of optimism. Based on the successful Australian play by the same name, THE SUM OF US takes in Sydney?s inner-west neighborhoods and annual gay Mardi Gras. With tragedy and fierce acts of love.

Based on the play by David Stevens

Geoff Burton, Kevin Dowling

Hal McElroy, Errol Sullivan

Geoff Burton

Frans Vandenburg

Principal Cast
Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson, Deborah Kennedy

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