Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

4th Floor
(Planta 4a)

Year: 2003
Country: SPAIN
Run Time: 96 minutes

Miguel, Angel, Dani, Izan and Pepino are friends. You might as well call them inseparable, because they practically are, being young cancer patients with a median age of 15, lodged in 4A, an orthopedic, long-term care ward in a large hospital. Despite a closely supervised clinical atmosphere, the regimen of chemotherapy and sodium hydration, and body parts lost to the gnawing disease, they remain high-spirited boys, quick to smile and joke and ready for a basketball rematch against amputees from another institution. When cohort Antonio finally earns his release with a new prosthetic leg (""...The Terminator 2 ? very different from last winter's Robocop model!"") the clique welcomes an uneasy newcomer, Jorge, who still has his full head of hair and all his limbs, and dreads an upcoming diagnosis. While the guys struggle individually facing quandries of first love, trauma, solitude and self-sufficiency, it's their common bonding that gives them strength to soldier on. (In Spanish with English subtitles)

Albert Espinosa, Antonio Mercero, Ignacio del Moral

C?sar Ben?tez, Claudio Coello

Ra?l P?rez

Jos? Mar?a Biurrun

Principal Cast
Jaun Jos? Ballesta, Gorka Moreno, Luis ?ngel, Maite Jauregui, Alejandro Jafra, Marco Mart?nez

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