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Year: 2003
Country: United States
Run Time: 80 minutes

After "American Splendor" how about another funny-sad rumination on making sense of a crazy world through the comics? That would be just. In fact, that would be JUSTICE, set in a post-September 11 New York City. Drew, a comics writer who lost his best friend in the Twin Towers, tires of penning hackneyed superhero word-balloons. He envisions a new character more in step with a shaken society. No superpowers or radioactivity. Only a decent citizen (albeit cloaked), fighting mortal villains. Needing real-life inspiration for the average-avenger "Justice." Drew strategically befriends Tre, a handsome substitute teacher he finds playing pickup basketball. The debut issue is a hit, and a Village Voice reporter fan starts asking questions. How does Drew tell Tre he's a hero, with a secret identity so secret even he didn't know he had it? On the edges of the narrative are Roberta, an activist lawyer fighting Mayor Giuliani's city hall, and Mohammed, a Muslim from India selling bagels from his cart. When we realize their significance, it hits harder than the Hulk. This Marvel of a sophomore feature puts Evan Oppenheimer in a League of Extraordinary Filmmakers.

Evan Oppenheimer

Amy R. Baird, Amelia Dallis

Luke Geissbuhler

Allison Eve Zell

Principal Cast
Erik Palladino, Catherine Kellner, Michael Jai White, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Ajay Naidu, Marisa Ryan, David Patrick Kelly

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