Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

Made in Estonia
(Vanad Ja Kobedad Saavad Jalad Alla)

Year: 2003
Country: ESTONIA
Run Time: 100 minutes

If an Eastern European Coen Brothers were to make a madcap goof "Raising Estonia," it might go something like this: Vaino., finds his flat in the city of Tallinn bulldozed for construction of a NATO airbase. The government relocates the fellow to a community where cycle-riding punks take an instant dislike to newcomers. When Vaino's overprotective sister Maie (the same actor in drag) places a lonely-hearts ad for her brother, the attention of various village females further marks Vaino as a troublemaker. One biker hires a stranger to drive off such outsiders. The paid assailant? Vaino. It may (or may not) help escalating confusion to know that you are watching a mind's eye-view of "Made in Estonia," an unscripted radio serial, done in the studio entirely by two actors, Norm and Mili, who crazily blend slapstick, action, ribaldry, nationalism and pop-music numbers (especially a showstopping finale). On-air snafus and their own preoccupations warp the narrative beyond absurdity, while still reflecting a basic need for a better life and a happy ending. (In Estonian and Lithuanian with English subtitles)

Peep Pedmanson

T?nis Haavel, Kaupo Karelson

Mait Maekivi

Tambet Tasuja

Principal Cast
Henrik Normann, Madis Milling, Piret Laurimaa, Robert Gutmann, Viire Valdma, Marko Matvere, Jan Uuspold, Enn Reitel, Peeter Oja

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