Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

Mango Kiss

Year: 2003
Country: United States
Run Time: 85 minutes

"Am I your primary, your secondary, or just another spoke in your wheel?" asks Lou, narrator of this gaily colored sex comedy, she chronicles her no-longer-platonic relationship with her best friend, performance-artist Sassafras, who was long uncertain about her gender preference before coming down fully on the Sapphic side. Now they're a couple, cohabitating and working downscale jobs in a dominatrix-owned San Francisco supermarket. The community is like a sexual candy store - full of Sweet Tarts, Red Hots and Jawbreakers - and Sassafras says she's got to taste all 21 flavors; she cruises the S&M underground, hooking up with a musical punk while assuring Lou that she comes first. Rock steady Lou, secretly chagrined, tries to please her lover by playing along - heavy emphasis on "play." For, in their pursuit of sensual happiness, these college grads adopt attitudes and argot of early childhood. But infantilism isn't enough to sugar-coat Lou's achy heart when she realizes fidelity is the ultimate lifestyle.

Sarah Brown, Sascha Rice (based on the play "Bermuda Triangles: A Non-Monogamy Experiment" by Sarah Brown)

Erin O'Malley, Joe Mellis, Sascha Rice

John Pirozzi

Cindy Parisotto, Lauren Giordano

Principal Cast
Michelle Wolff, Daniele Ferraro, Sally Kirkland, Dru Mouser, Tina Marie Murray, Shannon Rossiter, Joe Mellis, Malia Spanyol, Max Miller

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