Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

The Big Empty

Year: 2003
Country: United States
Run Time: 94 minutes

John Person (Jon Favreau) is a 30-something struggling actor living alone and facing eviction from his unfurnished apartment in Hollywood. Behind on his rent and heavily in debt, he goes against the better judgment of his pretty neighbor Grace (Joey Lauren Adams) and accepts an unsolicited offer from his strange neighbor Neely (Bud Cort) to courier a blue suitcase up to the desert truck stop of Baker, California. There, in the middle of nowhere, at a seedy motel in the shadow of The World's Largest Thermometer, he'll simply deliver the locked suitcase to a trucker called Cowboy (Sean Bean) and be paid $27,000. But on arrival he discovers he's already missed the mysterious man and soon he's reluctantly mixed up with young local vixen Ruthie (Rachael Leigh Cook), her mother Stella (Daryl Hannah), Ruthie's hot-headed jealous boyfriend Randy (Adam Beach) and paranoid, alien-obsessed locals. Will these random mishaps keep John from completing his mission, or do they serve some higher purpose?

Steve Anderson

Doug Mankoff, Gregg L. Daniel, Keith Resnick

Chris Manley

Scott Scalise

Principal Cast
Jon Favreau, Joey Lauren Adams, Bud Cort, Sean Bean, Rachel Leigh Cook, Daryl Hannah, Adam Beach, Kelsey Grammer, Gary Farmer

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