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The Color of Happiness
(A Boldogs?g Sz?ne)

Year: 2003
Country: HUNGARY
Run Time: 86 minutes

A freak May snowstorm in cosmopolitan Budapest stirs a blizzard of passion in Jozsef Paeskovsky's heady tango-dance of inter-twined characters This film is lensed in saturated hues so vibrant you can feel the heat - and the chills - as walking-wounded in the relationship wars (half the adults are twice-divorced) swirl around each other, some connecting and others colliding. Hanna, mistress of French expat Lorant, agonizes over a marriage proposal she never thought she'd get from her live-in boyfriend. Ditta, Lorant's advice-columnist wife, tries to arouse her spouse's languishing ardor, only to see everything undone on their child's birthday by a tragedy involving a gypsy clan. Ildi, an ailing gallery owner, auditions potential stepdads for her fatherless son. These are people desperately in need of fairy tale endings. And because THE COLOR OF HAPPINESS is a movie, one is provided by Aliam, an African immigrant bus driver, in love with love, life and his adopted land, despite the tribulations and twists all three provide. (In Magyar with English subtitles)

J?zsef Pacskovszky

Jen? H?bermann

Francisco G?zon

Gabriella Koncz

Principal Cast
Anna Gy?rgyi, Erik Desfosses, Zolt?n Ratoti, Ter?z Rudolf, Art?r K?lid, Todd Williams

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