Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

The Handcuff King

Year: 2003
Country: FINLAND
Run Time: 90 minutes

To fantasy-prone Esko, growing up in R?ytt? on the Finland-Sweden border in the 1970s, the links in his heavy personal chains are squabbling parents on the verge of separation, an aloof brother only concerned about his aspiring punk-rock career and ostracism by his buddies after a trick Esko plans on their hated Swede rivals badly backfires. Then a potential escape appears in Esko's unexpected friendship with Patrick, an affluent but semi-invalid Swedish kid, also lacking companionship. They share a summer making home movies, comparing their crazy relatives and practicing Houdini tricks. Winter is coming and with it a stark turning point in the two young lives. Be assured THE HANDCUFF KING has a padlock on being counted among such bluesy, bittersweet portraits of boyhood as "My Life as a Dog" (11th CIFF, 1987), "The Slingshot" (18th CIFF, 1994), "Odd Little Man" (25th CIFF, 2001) and "Sweet Dreams" (26th CIFF, 2002). (In Finnish and Swedish with English subtitles)

Arto Koskinen

Claes Olsson, G?ran Lindstr?m, Per-Erik Svensson

Hans Welin

Kauko Lindfors

Principal Cast
Miikka Enbuske, Emil Lundberg, Lina Hofverberg, Heikki Hela, Maija Junno, Arttu Kapulainen, Sulevi Peltola

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