Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

The Opposite Sex: Jamie's Story

Year: 2003
Country: United States
Run Time: 75 minutes

Josh Aronson's "Sound and Fury" (24th CIFF, 2000), about the lives of deaf people transformed by advanced medical implants, gained an Oscar nomination. Now, in dual documentaries, he examines the life of transgendered people in America. Jim was a 47-year-old husband and father from Grand Rapids, Michigan who, after years of suffering, underwent a sex change operation with the help of modern-day science and a Beverly Hills doctor. THE OPPOSITE SEX: JAMIE'S STORY follows Jim, now Jamie and her family after Jim comes out. Despite the protests of her parents, Jamie's wife Brenda stays and finds it in her heart to understand Jamie's pain. The documentary not only focuses on Jamie, but also on the universal issues of gender, sexuality and identity - issues that define the journey we all must take, each in our own way.

Linda York, Francine Berman, Josh Aronson, Jack Farrell

Brett Wiley

Janet Swanson

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