Cleveland International Film Festival } March 22 – April 1, 2023 } Playhouse Square

Truth and Lies
(La Forza del Passato)

Year: 2002
Country: ITALY
Run Time: 95 minutes

In the city of Trieste, a man named Gianni receives an unexpected visitor, an unkempt, armed stranger calling himself Bogliasco (Bruno Ganz). He claims to be veteran spy, now ready to spill old secrets that shakes Gianni's life to its core. Throughout adulthood Gianni despised and rejected his late, ultra-conservative, army-general father as a neo-fascist and a bigot. Bogliasco claims the dead man was instead a KGB collaborator, employed by the Soviets' counter-intelligence unit in Moscow since the end of WWII. Along with these revelations, Gianni also discovers his wife's infidelity and, with the foundation of his life in ruins, is unable to trust the people closest to him. He grapples with the shocking allegations of Bogliasco, a man of a thousand aliases and an unknown nationality who may not be lying but may not be telling the real story either. Let the mindgames begin. (In Italian with English subtitles)

Lara Frembder, Piergiorgio Gay (based on the novel by Sandro Veronesi)

Lionello Cerri

Luca Bigazzi

Carlotta Cristiani

Principal Cast
Sergio Rubini, Bruno Ganz, Sandra Ceccarelli, Mariangela D'Abbraccio, Valeria Moriconi, Aleksander Krosl

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