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(Lad de Sm? B?rn)

Year: 2004
Country: DENMARK
Language: Danish
Run Time: 104 minutes

Can revenge erase grief? How about obsession? A young married couple, Britt and Claes, experience a terrible family tragedy. Britt can?t talk about it, yet Claes can speak of nothing else. Their friends and associates try to help with distractions and parties, but the couple is paralyzed. Unable to function at his architecture firm, Claes is sent home on leave. But he soon finds something to take up his time: stalking the person who caused them so much pain. Meanwhile, though buried in her job as a social worker, Britt begins an unhealthy relationship with a single mother and her baby. A psychodrama exploring the limits of marital bonds to transcend grief, AFTERMATH deftly explores an explosive emotional landscape with a unique vision. Says the director, ?My film is about love you can?t get rid of.?

Kim Fupz Aakeson

Paprika Steen

Thomas Heinesen

Erik Zappon

Anne ?sterud

Principal Cast
Sofie Gr?b?l, Michael Birkkj?r, Laura Christensen, Lars Brygmann, Melina Nordmark Nielsen, Karen-Lise Mynster, Soren Pilmark, Lena Endre

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