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Year: 2004
Country: SPAIN
Language: Spanish
Run Time: 86 minutes

A diamond in the rough, ASTRONAUTS is the story of wild-eyed Daniel, a junkie who calls himself an ?astronaut.? After a life of flying high, forty-something Daniel goes cold turkey in a shepherd?s hut. Daniel actually has a job in the city renovating a rundown house ? regular physical work that will help him in his recovery. But along the way 16-year-old Laura, an Andalusian girl all alone in the world, attaches herself to him, and after awhile, he doesn?t resist. She helps him follow his disinterested state doctor?s ten-step program for normalcy, steps like ?socialization? and ?sex,? things that seem insurmountable to him. ASTRONAUTS is a wry, deadpan comedy with wildly funny situations, proving that starting over in life can be terrible and hilarious at the same time. Director Amodeo?s own band, Lavadora, provides the Velvet Underground-like soundtrack and Nancho Novo?s performance as Daniel is fantastic. This film is destined for cult status.

Santi Amodeo

Santi Amodeo

Jos? Antonio F?lez

Alax Catal

J. Manuel G. Moyano

Principal Cast
Nancho Novo, Teresa Hurtado de Ory, Jaun Motilla, Alex O'Dogherty, Jons Pappila, Enrico Vennchi, Manolo Solo

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