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Year: 2004
Language: Czech
Run Time: 100 minutes

Like the quick-change tempos in Ravel?s ?Bolero,? this psycho-thriller moves quickly from scene to scene. A classic American-style whodunit, but with Czech attention to composition, design, and detail, this film dances in a circular pattern from a violent drowning to the moments leading up to it. Loosely based on a true event in Bratislava in the 1970s, director Brabec has plucked the politics out of that event and moved it to modern-day Prague, exposing the bones of a murder, and how it changes people?s lives. Marika is a beautiful medical student and a flamenco dancer. When she goes missing after a party, the local police go into gear, but they?re up against parents who want to protect their social-climbing sons, as well as a slew of people who just won?t talk. If the police find out who the murderer is, it will destroy the perverse little structure of one depraved family, render a pregnant woman without a husband, as well as re-open wounds in Marika?s family. Count yourself fairly warned: there is a graphic rape scene.

Mark?ta Zinnerov

F.A. Brabec

Ivo Pavelek, Jaroslav Ku?era

F.A. Brabec

Boris Machytka

Principal Cast
Martin Stropnick?, Jan Potm??il, Pavel ?im??k, Kristina Filipov?, Ji?? Barto?ka, David Kraus

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