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Year: 2004
Language: Czech, German
Run Time: 83 minutes

Fueled by drink, hockey, and greed, CHAMPIONS is an oddball black comedy that pays homage to the Czech films of the 1960s. It involves the denizens of a single building in an outlying town. Zdena, the only woman, is married to robust Karel, who runs a ?pub? consisting of a TV, some chairs, and rum. But she is in love with the bus-driver Milan, who seems to take a lot of showers. Pavel is a surly, newly divorced man fighting with an even surlier older man?a German with a grudge. Jarda is a large, wheelchair-bound man who relies on his teenage son for everything. There?s the one they call the Gypsy, and the half-crazed Bohous, a man obsessed with rock music, hockey, and drinking anything containing alcohol (including gasoline.) Against a background of nationalism via the 1969 world hockey championship, this ungoverned, irrational group implodes with sometimes funny, mostly shocking consequences.

Robert Geisler, Benjamin Tucek, Marek Najbrt

Marek Najbrt

Milan Kuchynka, Pavel Strnad

Miloslav Holman

Pavel Hrdli?ka

Principal Cast
Kl?ra Mel?skov?, Jir? Ornest, Jan Budar, Will Spoor, Cyril Drozda, Leos Noha, Tom?s Matonoha, Josef Pol?sek, Jan Reh

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