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Year: 2004
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 95 minutes

To talk to the dead is a very human desire ? to say what was never said, to ask a great question, to get the last word in. In DEADROOM, it happens. A stripped-down psychodrama with four storylines, each with its own director, the film slowly pulls the viewer in with each revelation. Each conversation happens in a sterile room with different lighting, each person facing the other across a long table. Kate wants the blessing of her late husband Layton to remarry; Julie confesses her attraction to Trevor, a gay co-worker; Tim interviews Percy, an arrogant author who seems to have written the tragic story of Tim?s family; and a mysterious man urges a woman to remember the events of the day before. The dead are alternately sweet, na?ve, bewildered, confident and even honest, while the living are quivering bundles of anxiety, pain and rage. The film relies heavily on the writing and directing, and these folks deliver.

Yen Tan, James M. Johnston, Nick Prendergast, David Lowery

James M. Johnston, David Lowery, Nick Prendergast, Yen Tan

Yen Tan, James M. Johnston, Nick Prendergast, David Lowery

Jim McMahon

David Lowery

Principal Cast
Harry Goaz, Kelly Grandjean, Alana Macias, Jeff Griffin, Grant James, Bill Sebastian, Paul T. Taylor, Lydia Miller

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