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Year: 2004
Country: SPAIN
Language: Spanish
Run Time: 107 minutes

Skeletons in the family closet: a time-honored narrative that never seems to lose its intrigue. For 16-year-old H?ctor, whose father is far away and whose mother dies suddenly, life is about to change drastically. After living in a house with a garden, he moves to a working-class flat on the outskirts of Madrid to live with his Aunt Tere, her truck-driving husband Juan and their daughter, Fany. H?ctor has a hard enough time adapting to his new family and environment, but things get very complicated when his long-lost father arrives -- the father he has no interest in seeing. Soon enough, family secrets leak out, and H?ctor must make some difficult choices. Described as the director?s finest work to date, HECTOR is ?a wonderfully observed, intense family drama.?

Gracia Querejeta, David Planell

Garcia Querejeta

Elias Querejeta

?ngel Igu?cel

Nacho Ruiz-Capillas

Principal Cast
Nilo Mur, Adriana Ozores, Damian Alcazar, Joaquin Climent, Nuria Gago, Unax Ugalde, Jose Luis Garcia Perez, Pepo Oliva, Elia Galera

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