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Year: 2003
Country: CROATIA
Language: Croatian
Run Time: 90 minutes

In post-war Croatia, life tries to return to normal, but the characters in HERE demonstrate that connections are difficult to make. The film opens with Croatian militiamen holed up during the war with Serbia, and a simple-minded vagabond named Kavi, who tries to save a wounded bird. Kavi and the soldiers show up in the next five vignettes as characters criss-crossing paths in questionable pursuits. A desperate addict named Duda alienates everyone to get her next fix; an elderly musician weighs out his days with a tape recorder for comfort; an actor named Boris has a mortal fixation with his ego and the bottle; one returning soldiers suffers from insomnia while his son tries to study to gain a foothold on the future. Lovely cinematography and street scenes lace everything together into a sympathetic and humane portrait of people struggling for a normal life.

Zrinko Ogresta, Josip Mlankic

Zrinko Ogresta

Ivan Maloca

Davorin Gecl

Josip Podvorac

Principal Cast
Zlatko Crnkovi?, Ivo Gregurevi?, Marija Tadi?, Jasmin Telalovi?, Ivan Herceg, Nikola Ivosevi

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