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Year: 2003
Country: SWEDEN
Language: Swedish
Run Time: 100 minutes

Post-war Europe is a mess, but the strangers on the train from Stockholm to Berlin have their own scores to settle in this odd hybrid film shot mostly in an ochre monochrome. Gunnar, a critic from Sweden, aims to ?make a difference? in the world. Clumsy beyond belief, he tries to be nice and helpful, but ends up practically destroying the train. Karin, a lovely married woman, plans to meet her husband in Berlin. Her husband, Henry, however, plans to kill her and marry his sweetheart, Marie; all three are on the train. Various interesting characters pepper the proceedings: Karin shares a cabin with a delightful older woman who has an unusual career; Gunnar shares a cabin with a neurotic older gay man and his horrible companion; there?s a train car full of Baltic refugees; and there?s an injured soldier whose mounting injuries become a running gag. The physical comedy and murder-mystery intrigue are fun; the twist at the end ? delicious. One of Sweden?s best in the last few years.

Peter Dalle

Peter Dalle

Patrick Ryborn

G?ran Hallberg

Thomas Lagerman

Principal Cast
Gosta Ekman, Robert Gustafsson, Gustaf Hammarsten, Magnus Roosmann, Kristina Tornqvist, Lena Nyman, Anna Bjork, Lars Amble

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