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(Tur Och Retur)

Year: 2003
Country: SWEDEN
Language: Swedish
Run Time: 89 minutes

Is there such a thing as cosmic twins? 11-year-old Julia and Martin think so. Martin is a young, shy pianist, emotionally shut down after the separation of his parents. Julia is a rough, outspoken girl who refuses to wear dresses and is often mistaken for a boy. When both are deposited at the airport by their harried single parents, they are shocked at how much they resemble each other. Martin is headed north to visit his father and his father?s very masculine, pig-farm family. Julia is headed south for her mother?s wedding to a TV ?gladiator? named Pollux, something she dreads. On a whim, Julia switches passes with Martin, setting in motion a series of classic gender-bending, identity mysteries. Martin?s family is shocked by Martin?s ?new? feistiness, and Julia?s family is surprised at the docile girl who doesn?t mind wearing a frilly dress. Of course their secrets can?t be kept for long, but inadvertently they fast-track changes in both their families and themselves. A sweet, funny film that digs a little at complicated, post-divorce families, IMMEDIATE BOARDING features Amanda Davin playing both Julia and Martin.

Ella Lemhagen

Ella Lemhagen

Charlotta Denward, Tomas Michaelsson

Anders Bohman

Malin Lindstr?m

Principal Cast
Helena af Sandeberg, J?rgen Langhelle, Amanda Davin, Torkel Petersson

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