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Year: 2004
Country: DENMARK
Language: Danish
Run Time: 103 minutes

Meet Torp, one of the last virtuous journalists in Denmark. A mild-mannered man with a hidden fierce streak, Torp is suddenly assigned to cover the Parliament, a cherry gig that creates jealousy in the newsroom. It?s two weeks before an important election, and the Prime Minister, following a recent car accident, is in intensive care. His immediate successor is a woman, Lone Kjeldsen, but she?s got a fight on her hands. Ambitious Erik Dreier wants to be the next Prime Minister, and makes an internal power grab. His cronies plant diversionary stories in the press and deliberately mislead Torp. Torp eventually turns to the other last virtuous journalist, Moll, and the two set out on a Woodward and Bernstein quest, but without the help of Deep Throat or Katherine Graham. Is the Prime Minister brain-dead? Are Torp?s editors in bed with the politicians? What does Torp?s father have to do with it? Will Torp and Moll get to air their evidence in time? This is a terrific, quixotic story on virtue vs. corruption. Light a match for the truth and see how long it burns.

Nikolaj Arcel, Rasmus Heisterberg

Nikolaj Arcel

Meta Louise Foldager

Rasmus Videb

Mikkel E.G. Nielsen

Principal Cast
Anders W. Berthelsen, S?ren Pilmark, Nastja Arcel, Nicolas Bro, Lars Mikkelsen, Ulf Pilgaard, Charlotte Munck, Lars Brygmann, Helle Fagralid, Kurt Ravn, Jens Jorgen Spottag, Jesper Langberg, Robert Hansen, Marianne Hogsbro

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