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Year: 2004
Country: HUNGARY
Language: Hungarian
Run Time: 105 minutes

A gritty action thriller set entirely in the grungy stations and tunnels of the Budapest subway system, KONTROLL revels in the familial but eccentric world of ticket inspectors and their adversaries: subway riders. Led by the strange young man named Bulcs?, the ticket inspectors not only antagonize their customers, but they fight with a rival ticketing gang. And everyone is keen to find a hooded killer loose in the tunnels they know so well. A smartly paced, darkly comic joyride, the film sends the reeling camera through stations and down tunnels in exciting chase scenes. Director Antal, born in the U.S. and now living in Hungary, says that his inspiration for the tone of this film is Andrei Tarkovsky?s 1972 ?Solaris.? The cinematography prowls into every unlit corner and inserts itself into every detail, and the editing is superb.

Nimr?d Antal

Nimrod Antal

Tam?s Hutlassa

Gyula Pados

Istv?n Kir?ly

Principal Cast
S?ndor Cs?nyi, Zolt?n Mucsi, Sandor Bad?r, Csaba Pindroch, Lajos Kov?cs, Eszter Balla

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